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What You Should Know Before Deploying Lync

Presented by Russ Kauffman, Microsoft MVP


Date Held: Thursday, October 15, 2009
Duration: One hour followed by Q & A session

  • Russ Kauffman
    Microsoft MVP - MCT, MCITP x4, MCSE (2000, 2003), MCSE+I (NT 4.0)
  • Neil Karnick
    Ensim Consulting Engineer
  • John Butorac
  • Moderator, Ensim Sr. Territory Sales
Topics Addressed
Learn about strategies to gain the most from your Office Communications Server 2007 implementation. These include:
  • Understand Lync’s design and architecture
  • Get tips on how to create your Lync plan and implementation strategy
  • Understand the minimum prerequisites to get your project started and how to upgrade over time
  • Develop a thorough understanding of how to optimize your Lync environment while minimizing IT overhead

Decision makers, administrators and project coordinators who are involved in the planning and developing of Lync within their organization.

About Russ Kauffman
Russ Kaufmann (MVP, MCT, MCITPx4, MCTSx6, MCSE, CTT+) has been working for over 18 years in the IT industry as a consultant, speaker, certified trainer, technical editor, and author. Russ is highly respected for his expertise in High Availability and Microsoft server products.

He is a frequent speaker at key conferences such as Microsoft TechEd, where he recently presented on Windows Server 2008 High Availability. Russ has co-authored several books on Microsoft server products and has worked with Microsoft on several projects including:

  • Development of Microsoft Official Courseware
  • Development of a Seminar on Windows High Availability
  • Many projects with Microsoft Learning
Ferris Research Webinar

IT vs. Mobile Users: Winning the Support Battle

Date Held: Tuesday, March 18, 2008
Duration: One hour
Access this webinar at Ferris Research

Scott Young, Vice President of Product Marketing, Ensim Corporation
Richi Jennings, Analyst, Ferris Research

Topics Addressed

  • What are the main IT support headaches?
  • How do I measure costs?
  • What are some best practices?
  • How is the picture likely to evolve over the next five years?


  • CIOs, IT support staff, and vendor product management staff.

About Ferris Research
Acclaimed industry expert David Ferris is the President and Senior Analyst of Ferris Research, a San Francisco-based market and technology research firm. The company focuses on messaging, content control, compliance, e-discovery, and data leak prevention. Ferris’s information service helps vendors understand the marketplace, and corporate IS organizations with their technology planning. They have the largest team of research analysts focused on messaging and content control.

Access this webinar at Ferris Research