Dynamics Manager

Ensim MS Dynamics CRM Manager is a complete solution for automated provisioning, policy enforcement, access and subscription management enabling service providers to offer small-business customers and resellers, this powerful customer relationship management solution on a hosted basis, enabling them to realize all the benefits of a powerful CRM solution while minimizing capital outlays and eliminating the need to provide their own maintenance and support. Ensim MS Dynamics CRM Manager ensures that, when CRM subscriptions are created or management of CRM servers is required, Administrators maintain business objectives and policy requirements throughout the provisioning / de-provisioning and management processes.

Ensim MS Dynamics CRM Manager - Features & Benefits

  • Multiple Subscription Capability allows more than one subscription to be created for an organization
    • Resource Forest Support allows the service provider to install CRM in a separate forest and manage it centrally along with other services
    • Assign multiple CRM subscriptions to a single user
    • Multi-Language Support
    • Multi-tenant and Dedicated CRM Organization deployments
    • A complete solution for Service Providers, Resellers, Customer Admins and End Users
      • Service Providers – Create Organizations, Service Plans and Models, Manage CRM servers, set capacity limits and run reports
      • Resellers – Rebrand, Resell, Perform delegated tasks, Manager customers and end users
      • Customer Admins – Establish organizations, create/manage/delete users in their organizations.
      • End Users – Self-Service Management of user account information, passwords and services
    • Email router deployment creation with selected incoming and outgoing configuration profiles
    • User security role selection
    • Automates user provisioning
    • Assign and manage user roles via the control panel
    • Compliance policy enforcement
    • Live and downloadable summary, reseller and organization usage reports for offline viewing
    • Ensim Automation Suite enables complete automation including:
      • Cloud Marketplace and Storefront (with domain registration)
      • Service Catalog for automated ordering and billing
      • Product modeling and pricing management
      • Automated provisioning and orchestration work flow
      • Self-service multi-level portals
      • Rating, billing, chargeback and payment modules