Microsoft Lync Management

Ensim Lync Manager provides provisioning and operations management automation, policy control and orchestration of administrative, operational and self-service activities for Microsoft Lync. Features include automated and template based creation, maintenance and termination of Lync Accounts, enforcement and management of Lync policies across one or more accounts, definable business and custom logic for selection of voice/DID numbers, customization of the SIP URI, user self-service and IT management via role-based delegated administration portals, granular access controls, security and compliance policy enforcement and an audit train of all activities. Ensim enables complete automation and control of the entire messaging and unified communications environment for service providers, enterprises, MSPs and Telco’s.  As part of the Ensim Automation Suite, Lync Manager is part of a complete, turnkey, end-to-end solution for Marketplace, Storefront, Ordering, Service Catalog, Billing, Provisioning, and Operations Management, along with over 50 additional automation connectors including Microsoft Exchange, Sharepoint, Dynamics CRM, Desktop Virtualization, Hyper V / System Center, Office 365, and VMware vCenter / vSphere / vCloud Director, Citrix Xen App, BroadSoft VoIP, Symantec Cloud, and many more.

Ensim Automation Suite enables complete automation including:

  • Cloud Marketplace and Storefront
  • Service Catalog with automated Ordering
  • Rating, Invoicing / Chargeback, Payment
  • Estimating and Quoting
  • Product modeling with Plan and Pricing management
  • Subscription, Contract, and Account Management
  • Automated Provisioning and Orchestration workflow
  • Usage collection and Reporting
  • Brandable Self-Service Multi-level Portals
  • Channel support for Resellers, Agents, and Wholesalers
  • Multi-language and Multi-currency
  • Web Service APIs and SDKs

Single / Multi-Tenant, Dedicated / Shared Environments (with extended enterprise voice support in LHPv2)

Ensim provides complete provisioning and management for Single tenant or Multi-tenant AD environments with MS Lync as well as management of Dedicated and Shared environments, where Active Directory is managed on-site while exchange is hosted by MSPs in their datacenter.  Ensim has unique management capabilities for each via its simple and intuitive web portal, such as creating Organizations or Resellers management levels, setting resource limits or automatically incrementing when resellers require additional capacity, billing and monitoring and more.  Telco’s and  Hosting Organizations can manage Shared or Dedicated Mailbox stores, set and manage quota limits, create pre-defined mailbox types for organizations and resellers or create a custom mailbox to suit the requirements of a particular client.

Lync Policy Enforcement for Single / Multiple users

Problem: In a real world of maintaining IT resources appropriately, there is a need to make policy enforcements to large sets of users at the same time.   Typically most policy enforcement is done in this manner and exception cases are handled on a case by case basis.  When there is a need to make changes to the policies assigned to users for external access/ voice/ IM or any of the Lync features, an IT admin needs the ability to propagate this change to a set of users easily.

Solution: This can be accomplished by updating a Lync template defined using Ensim Lync Manager, with the necessary changes, then applying these changes to a single or a batch of users in an organization.  This action provides detailed logging of each update that was made for future reference purposes.

Definable and Custom Logic for Selection of the Voice/DID numbers

Problem: While provisioning a user with a voice solution such as Lync, there is an obvious need to assign a voice/DID number to this user account.  This action needs to be done in a customizable way so that relevant user information can be used to decide which unique number to assign from an available pool.   Assigning these numbers manually can be error prone and eventually cause a housekeeping problem.

Solution: Ensim Lync Manager provides a simple way to use an existing voice number management solution in the Lync enablement process.   This feature allows an organization to configure the Lync Service Connector to plug into the voice/DID number selection, and thus assign new Lync users with appropriate voice/DID numbers.  It also ensures that when a user account it terminated, the assigned DID number is released, so that it can be put back into the pool of available numbers.

Onboarding of Single and Bulk, New or Existing users into the Lync eco-system

Problem: The adoption of new technology by any organization is expected to be done in phases.  First a set of test users may be introduced, and based on the adoption strategies defined by IT, the services could be provided to larger groups of users.  It can be difficult to find a way to this type of phased and controlled on boarding of users into the Lync eco-system.

Solution: Ensim’s Lync Manager allows for such phased onboarding of users by providing the ability to add new users or connect existing users in batches and enable them with Lync services.   These batch operations can be initiated from the Ensim Web Portal using templates that can define the policies for various Lync features.  The operations are executed with extensive logging and notifications which can be configured for effective use.  This enables IT admins to check on the status of each action and keep track of all users who are enabled with Lync.

Customization of the SIP URI

A SIP URI is the SIP addressing schema to call another person via SIP (session initiation protocol).In other words, a SIP URI is the user’s SIP phone number. The Lync Service Connector allows for the option to customize the user’s SIP URI by providing a mechanism to select from one or more AD attributes to generate the SIP URI.

Channel Lync Commands to a Specific set of Domain Controllers

Ensim Lync Manager allows the IT admin to set up a custom list of Domain Controllers that can be used to for Lync enablement commands in an organization.This allows more rigid control on the execution of the internal enablement commands by channeling them to a specific DC.

User and Org Level Management of SIP domains and SAL types for Hosted Lync Deployments

Ensim Lync Manager provides fine grained control for managing Hosted Lync deployments for Telco’s and Hosting companies.These Service Providers can create and manage their Lync deployments by creating and offering various organization level templates that allow them to setup pools for resources such as Lync, Exchange etc., controlling the total number of Lync users that can be provisioned by a specific organization and managing the available SAL types on an Organizational level.Each SAL type enables a set of features such as Instant Messaging, Presence, Group Chat, Audio/Video or Desktop Sharing. Lync Manager also allows for management of the SIP domains at the Organization Level, thus providing finer control and management for Hosted Lync Deployments.

Automated Processes to Disable or Delete Lync accounts based on usage

De-provisioning or disabling the user who can access Lync features from an organization appropriately is as important as service enablement.  It is essential to have proper control over the termination of users to ensure that these services are not misused.  The Ensim Lync service connector provides two automated batch jobs that can be used to automatically disable and delete Lync services for users based on a configurable criterion, over a customizable period of time.  This feature ensures that no manual intervention is required on a case by case basis to ensure that users planned to be removed from the system are actually marked out and eventually removed from the Lync eco-system.

Granular Role Based Management and Delegation

Problem: Delegating tasks to others involves granting them proper access to the managed resources without granting them too much or too little control.  Native tools are powerful and in the wrong hands cause a disaster or can be difficult to understand and use.

Solution: All Lync features in Ensim Lync Manager are managed by operations that can be either added or removed from a role in the system, thus providing complete control on these features.  These roles can be set up based on different levels and assigned to different set of users to allow for controlled access to the management features in the connector. 

Easy to use Web Portal for Self-Service and IT Admin management

Ensim Lync Manager provides a simple interface via a web portal for any Lync enabled user to get information about their Lync account and perform other operations such as import/export of contacts from their profile.The connector also provides end users the ability to download a simple utility that will automatically configure the Lync client for them based on their account information.

Integrates with the MS Exchange Service Connector for Complete UC management

The Ensim Lync Connector adds to the array of existing suite of connectors of which the Ensim Exchange Service Connector is a prominent one.  This integration provides organizations with a single place to go to for enabling their users with Lync services along with Exchange without having to use different management consoles or interfaces.  It also provides the ability to control mailbox properties, IM account, Voice features, and Conferencing capabilities of a user, all from a single interface.

Integrates with Ensim’s Provisioning Platform to support the entire MS Suite and other Applications

Ensim Lync Manager integrates with the Ensim Service Operations Manager (ESOM) for complete provisioning and operational management of users, organizational units, groups and services with templates and approval workflow functionality for granular management control, efficiency and increased productivity.

Integrates with Service Catalog for Ordering, Rating, Invoicing, and Chargeback

Ensim Lync Manager integrates with Ensim Service Catalog Manager (ESCM) for complete turnkey solution for:  Ordering, Product Catalog, Pricing, Rating, Billing, Invoicing, Departmental Charging, Chargeback, Reconciliation, Payment, Notification, and Approval Workflow.  

Extensive Logging and Reporting such as Organization and Reseller Usage

Ensim Lync Manager provides detailed logs of all operations performed with respect to a user’s Lync account management.The logs can be easily accessed via the web portal.The logged information can also be sent via notifications or SMS to relevant administrators or users.This ensures that no update to Lync services is left undetected, keeping good control and also maintaining compliance requirements.

Quick and Easy Installation

The Ensim Application Suite can be installed and configured in under and hour without requiring professional services.  Companies can gain an immediate ROI as well as meet security and compliance requirements.  The Quick Start guide assists the administrator in configuring the required parameters and the embedded help files in the web portal as well as detailed context relational on-line help files, guide administrators along the way.