Storage as a Service Management

Ensim’s Storage as a Service Solutions consist of connectors for popular industry services like EMC Mozy and Backup Agent as well as Ensim's own robust file management and sharing solution Ensim File Manager, and powerful backup solution Ensim Backup Manager.  EFM and EBM enable private, secure, file sharing and backup that cloud service providers can quickly enable for their customers under their own brand.  Leveraging Microsoft FSRM and IIS technologies they can easily be deployed with existing applications and services like Exchange, Sharepoint, and Lync, and all managed by the Ensim Automation Suite running as a PaaS platform on System Center / Hyper V, or VMware vCloud Director ESX to allow for dynamic scalability as more capacity is needed..  Organization and user level quotas can be set and enforced in a reservation based model and alerts can inform customers when thresholds are hit so more capacity can be added when needed or can be reallocated between users. Customers can also order on a pay per use model so they can add capacity whenever they wish and pay only for what they use.

Ensim File Manager

Sharing or storing files in a web accessible folder offers a convenient way to make sure certain files are always available or can be quickly and easily shared with others. Ensim File Manager provides a simple, private, secure, and low cost way to offer “Drop Box” like capabilities to your customers but with enterprise like features. Organization administrators can set user quotas and select sharing policies such as internal only or external authorization and assign polices to different users to maintain data security.

The easy to use portal allows users to upload, download, or delete files via browser based agentless operation. Sharing files, sub-folders, or the master folder with users inside or outside of their organization is easy as there is no cumbersome registration process for recipients. For external users, SSO tokens are embedded in the link sent via email and matched to the recipients email address. Sharing can be set to be time based and auto-expire after the time limit is reached. For internal users, a keyword or name is used. In addition, internal users can see all shares available to them when logging into their portal and easily access any available files from the portal.

Ensim File Manager - Features & Benefits

  • Browser based agentless operation
  • Upload, download, and delete files
  • Quota setting at Organization or User levels
  • Complete history and action logs
  • Leverages Microsoft FSRM and IIS technologies
  • Re-brandable at Service Provider and Reseller levels
  • Share files, sub-folders, or entire folders
  • Internal or External sharing policy enablement and enforcement
  • SSO tokens for direct to file access
  • Registration not required for External users
  • Share files and / or folders with one or more users
  • Notify users when files published or updated to Organization shared folder
  • Users can unsubscribe to notifications
  • Time based sharing access control configurable by Organization administrator
  • Access to Organization shared folder from single portal
  • Auto Zip folders and large files

Ensim Backup Manager - Features & Benefits

A critical component for any SMB or Enterprise is to ensure that critical data is being backed up and the business is protected from data loss.  Ensim Backup Manager enables cloud service providers to offer a complete and cost effective solution to meet their customers needs. The client application is Java based and can run on Windows, Mac, or Linux OSes and backup PCs and Servers. From the easy to use interface, users choose the files or file types, setup an automatic backup schedule and from then on the Ensim Backup Manager runs continually in the background ensuring new and changed files are backed up automatically.

Version 1.2

  • Works with Windows based PCs and Servers
  • Customizable to backup to pre-configured destination
  • Can use Service Providers or USB drive
  • Full and incremental backups
  • Open file backup
  • Scheduled backup
  • File exclusion and file size limits
  • Restore individual files, folder, or full environment
  • Virtually unlimited scalability
  • Secure backups using AES 256 encryption
  • File compression
  • Limit size of backup set
  • Set priority level on client resources eg;  (cpu/ram)
  • Definable data retention policy
  • Complete history and action logs
  • Definable organization and user quotas
  • Leverages Microsoft FSRM and IIS technologies
  • Re-brandable at Service Provider and Reseller levels

Version 2.0 (coming soon)

  • Client for Mac and Linux
  • Third party storage (Amazon, Azure, and more)
  • Support of over 10 languages