Ensim Announces Immediate Availability of Ensim Pro 5.0 for Windows

Ensim Announces Immediate Availability of Ensim Pro 5.0 for Windows

New major release addresses top service providers’ request for increased ease of management and flexibility

Sunnyvale, California — February 6, 2006 – – Ensim Corporation, the global leader in service enablement and automation software solutions, today announced the immediate availability of Ensim Pro 5.0 for Windows. This latest release of Ensim’s leading control panel delivers extensive new features that further increase ease of management and flexibility resulting in significant time and cost savings for hosting service providers.

Ensim Pro is a hosting automation software solution that removes the complexities of deploying and managing hosted web sites, email and online applications. Hundreds of service providers, resellers and site owners worldwide depend on Ensim Pro to centrally control, automate and simplify their hosting tasks with unmatched power and ease. With extensive tools and built-in services at their disposal, service providers can quickly manage commercial hosting plans for both of resellers and customers.

“ This latest release addresses our top customer requests, providing fully automated licensing services, enhanced custom integration support and the most comprehensive list of third party applications (Power Tools) available on the market today, ” said Kevin Farrell, Senior VP, Strategy and Marketing at Ensim.

“ Ensim Pro 5.0 brings exciting and timely new features to the table to fulfill our customer’s needs, whether that be running a personal website or reselling their own services, ” said Patrick Smith, Director of Web Hosting Support at EV1 Servers. “ The tools provided for installation and license management continue to make our deployment simpler, and the extensibility features provide our customers with enhanced flexibility and control that they need to grow their Windows-based hosting solutions, and in turn our own. ”

“With the growing demand for Windows-based Web sites, the release of Ensim Pro 5.0 for Windows presents an excellent opportunity for both service providers and their customers,” said Michael van Dijken, hosting marketing manager at Microsoft Corp. “ By integrating features such as DotNetNuke and Community Server, hosters can easily offer their customers the functionality they are demanding, while at the same time increasing revenue through new offerings. Our relationship with Ensim is yet another example of Microsoft’s commitment to the Web hosting industry. ”

Highlights of Ensim Pro 5.0 for Windows include:

New Licensing Mechanism – dramatically simplifies the process of managing, upgrading and renewing licenses across hundreds of servers.

Custom Scripts Integration – enables service providers to easily integrate custom event-driven scripts that run when a site is created, modified or removed.

CLI Calls for Users and User Templates – enhanced CLI now enables management of resellers, sites, users and templates.

New Ensim Power Tools – new ASP.NET-based Power Tools, including DotNetNuke (content management system) and Community Server (knowledge management and collaboration platform).

Availability of Ensim Pro 5.0 for Windows

Ensim Pro 5.0 for Windows is immediately available for purchase at Ensim’s online store. For more information about Ensim and Ensim Pro, please visit us at: http://www.ensim.com/products/

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Ensim is a leader in service enablement and automation software solutions that optimize delivery of converged hosted services. The company offers an array of award-winning solutions that accelerate the creation, control and delivery of VoIP, web hosting, messaging and other high-value hosted services. More than 200 leading hosting providers, ISPs and carriers worldwide, including Telus, Belgacom, EV1, VIA NET.WORKS, SunRocket and Siemens Communications, rely on Ensim products to deliver mission-critical hosted services to their customers. Ensim has formed key partnerships with leading infrastructure vendors including Microsoft, Sylantro, BroadSoft and HP.

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