Ensim announces Unify SDK for Rapid conversion of applications into hosted services

Ensim announces Unify SDK for Rapid conversion of applications into hosted services

Enables Service Providers and ISVs to Turn Any Application into a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Offering in Less Than 90 Days

Sunnyvale, California — July 11, 2006 – Ensim, the leading supplier of service enablement and automation software for hostedIP and application services, today announced the public release of its Unify Service Manager SDK, a comprehensive software development kit that allows service providers and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to easily integrate any application into the Ensim Unify platform and rapidly deploy and operate it as a hosted service.

Ensim's Service Manager SDK is a component of the Unify Rapid Service Creation Framework, which enables providers to maintain their competitive edge by packaging an unlimited number of hosted services and bundles through a single platform. Ensim currently offers 15 pre-built Service Managers which carriers can quickly deploy as their own. The new Service Manager SDK goes further by delivering a powerful set of tools that allow ISVs and service provider to create their own Service Managers for any application. Regardless of the type of applications integrated with Ensim Unify, each service will benefit from Unify's powerful platform features, such as delegated administration, resource management, web management interface, service configuration and more.

Ensim's Service Manager SDK offers compelling advantages to both service providers and ISVs. Some highlights for service providers are:

Rapidly create new revenue streams by quickly creating and delivering new services to existing customers.

Proven platform delivers more than fifteen pre-built service managers created by Ensim over the last 4 years and run by over 50 service providers worldwide.

Lower cost of operations by offering a growing number of services through a single platform and providing delegated administration to users, administrators and resellers.

Achieve differentiation by gaining the ability to add new services, extend existing ones and create innovative bundles.

“Ensim's Service Manager SDK is an important tool for service providers and ISVs to rapidly roll out new revenue-generating services without incurring significant costs,” said David Wippich, CEO of Ensim. “It helps service providers run their business more efficiently by using a single platform solution with a growing inventory of off-the-shelf, hostable applications, while also enabling ISVs to easily create a SaaS offering to new service providers as well as to Ensim's expanding service provider customer base.”

”Ensim Unify gives us the powerful ability to integrate new applications as customer demand increases. We can, in a matter of weeks, differentiate ourselves from other offerings while empowering our customers to manage their solution through the same user-friendly Web management interface they currently use,” said Craig Hurley, Senior Product Manager at NTT America.

“The Ensim Unify platform provides a comprehensive set of tools and training enabling ISVs such as ZANTAZ to easily integrate their application and benefit from Ensim's broad service provider distribution channel,” said Steve Reny, senior vice president, Business Process and Corporate Development, ZANTAZ.

Ensim's Rapid Service Creation Framework includes:

  • Service Manager SDK – allows providers to integrate complex applications into Ensim Unify
  • Service Manager Add-on Builder – designed for lightweight extensions to existing service managers
  • Powertools Builder – designed for web hosting extensions, it enables php and ASP.net applications to be installed, upgraded and un-installed with one click
  • Device Builder – enables providers to support a wide variety of VoIP, mobile, and other client devices without having to develop custom software to configure each individually


Ensim's Service Manager SDK is immediately available to Unify customers and qualified ISVs. For more information, please visit us at www.ensim.com or contact us directly at 1-877-693-6746.

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