Ensim Announces Direct Push Technology and Device Wipe Support for Ensim Unify

Ensim Announces Direct Push Technology and Device Wipe Support for Ensim Unify
A Major Upgrade in Mobile Access and Support from Unify’s Microsoft Exchange Service Manager

Sunnyvale, California -- November 13, 2006 – Ensim Corporation, the leading supplier of service activation and automation software for hosted IP and application services, today announced its commitment to support mobile services with the addition of Windows Mobile Direct Push technology and device wipe support to its Ensim Unify platform. These features are part of key enhancements to Unify’s Microsoft Exchange Service Manager.

Unify’s Service Managers are ready-to-deploy software modules that integrate an application with the resources and capabilities of the Unify platform and enable the application to be rapidly deployed and operated as a service. This allows carriers to deliver, bundle and differentiate revenue-generating hosted services at lower cost and with unmatched reliability, flexibility and speed. Ensim currently offers fifteen pre-built Service Managers that carriers can quickly deploy as their own, along with a toolkit that allows them to create their own Service Managers for any application.

“We are extremely pleased with the Unify platform and how it enables us to automate the service delivery of Hosted Exchange, Blackberry Enterprise Server, Fenestrae Unified Communication Server, and SharePoint Services all from a single platform,” said Edward Voermans, hosting specialist for InfoSupport, a leading IT service provider in the Netherlands. “With the enhanced support for mobile devices, we’ll be able to realize even greater cost savings with the added benefit of better protection and easier administration.”

Providers have the ability to integrate any type of application with Ensim Unify and receive support for Direct Push technology and device wipe support, in addition to the delegated administration, resource management, Web management interface, and service configuration features that Unify already provides.

“The value that Direct Push technology and device wipe support add to the Unify platform is enormous,” said Niroaki Nagare, CEO of FiveFront Corporation. “These new features bring yet another dimension of manageability, convenience and security to all hosted service providers with new Windows Mobile solutions to meet critical requirements for their customers.”

Mobile Access Support From Ensim
In addition to its Devices Service Manager, which allows automated configuration of mobile devices and an extension toolkit to add new devices easily, Ensim Unify now supports the following Exchange 2003 features:

Direct Push Technology - This enables a seamless push e-mail experience for compatible devices. Exchange ActiveSync pushes new e-mail messages, schedules, contact information and tasks to the device.

Up-To-Date Notification - The ability to synchronize Windows Mobile-based devices by sending a Short Message Service (SMS) notification to the mobile device when new items arrive. This causes the device to start the synchronization process.

Local Wipe - This allows the ability to enforce the use of a local password and time-out on the device. Users are also able to wipe the device of all settings and data, if the password is incorrectly entered a set number of times.

Remote Wipe - Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 2 provides the ability to remotely wipe a device of all data and settings by using a web tool. This is accessible by the administrator or a corporate help desk.

“We are committed to enhancing the Unify Service Manager for Exchange to support mobile devices and Exchange Server 2007,” said Francois Depayras, vice president of sales and marketing at Ensim Corporation. “Windows Mobile Direct Push technology and device wipe features further enhance the delivery of unified communications applications through the Unify platform by adding instant delivery and greater control over device security.”

Direct push technology and device wipe support are immediately available to Unify customers. For more information, please visit us at www.ensim.com or contact us directly at 1-877-693-6746.

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