Ensim Releases Automated Mobile Device Provisioning, and Snap-In Functionality Over Existing Hosted Services Deployments

Ensim Releases Automated Mobile Device Provisioning, and Snap-In Functionality Over Existing Hosted Services Deployments

Santa Clara , California --March 05, 2007 -Ensim Corporation, the leading supplier of service enablement and automation software for hosted IP and application services, today announced the release of updated service managers for Hosted Exchange and BlackBerry, bringing even greater efficiency and productivity benefits to service providers and their customers.

Ensim Unify is the industry's most widely deployed and proven service delivery platform. Co-developed with Microsoft, it enables service providers to centrally create, control, and deliver hosted IP and application services. The Ensim Unify Service Manager for Hosted Exchange 2003 is one of a number of ready-to-deploy software modules that integrate an application with the resources and capabilities of the Unify platform and enable the application to be rapidly deployed and operated as a service.

The new version of the Ensim Unify Service Managers for Hosted Exchange 2003 and BlackBerry offer the following advanced features and functionality:

Automatic Provisioning of Mobile Devices
Automates the provisioning of Windows mobile devices, enabling end-users to configure their devices in a single mouse click:

● Over the Air (OTA): The configuration file is sent to the device through a text message (SMS)
● Text Messaging: The link to the configuration file is sent to the device as a text message (SMS)      message
● Email: The configuration file is sent to the device as an email message
● USB: The configuration file is transferred to the device when it is connected to a desktop computer through an USB port

Mobile Device Data Management:
● Kill device: Organization administrator or user can erase all the data associated with a particular user's PIN number if the user's BlackBerry device gets lost or stolen
● Enable/disable GAL Lookup: Service providers can enable or disable Global Address List (GAL) Lookup globally at the resource level
● Organization level GAL support

Installation over Existing HMC Setups

The Ensim Unify Hosted Exchange 2003 Service Manager can now be installed on a current HMC deployment. Existing mailboxes managed by HMC can continue to function as before, whereas new mailboxes can be created through Ensim Unify so users can benefit from the numerous platform features

Support for Multiple Languages

Users can download the Outlook, Outlook Express, and ActiveSync configuration setup wizard files in the language of their choice. The language in the setup wizard file is not dependent on the language used in the control panel login

Support for Outlook and Outlook Express Configuration Setup Wizards

With the latest Unify Hosted Exchange 2003 Service Manager, Internet Explorer 7 can be used to download the Outlook and Outlook Express configuration setup wizards

Scheduled Rebuilds of Offline Address Books at Organizational Level

Organization administrators can schedule a re-build of the Offline Address Book (OAB) through the organization control panel. The time of the previous synchronization, and the next scheduled one, are also shown

"The expanded functionality of our new Unify Service Manager enables providers to achieve even greater profitability and value from Microsoft Exchange Server 2003," said Francois Depayras, vice president of sales and marketing at Ensim. "This latest product enhancement is further proof of our commitment to help providers more easily and efficiently deliver and manage unified communications applications through the Unify platform."


The Ensim Unify Hosted Exchange 2003 Service Manager is immediately available to all Unify customers. For more information about Ensim Unify, please visit http://www.ensim.com/products/ensim_unify/ or call 1-877-693-6746.

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