Ensim Releases New Upgrade for Ensim Pro X – Version 10.3

Ensim Releases New Upgrade for Ensim Pro X – Version 10.3

Latest version includes support for 64-bit architecture on Windows and Linux

Santa Clara, California --June 26, 2007 –Ensim, the leading provider of management software for unified communications and collaboration infrastructure, today announced the immediate availability of Ensim Pro X, Version 10.3. With this upgrade, Ensim Pro includes new functionality for its Linux and Windows control panels. These include installation on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (Ensim Pro for Linux), and support for 64-bit architecture on Linux and Windows.

Ensim Pro X is the industry’s premier server management and automation control panel. Certified for both Linux and Windows, Ensim Pro allows hosting providers, their resellers and their site owners to centrally control and automate shared hosting tasks.

Important features of the 10.3 release are:
Ensim Pro for Linux

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (RHEL5)/ Community Enterprise Operating System (CentOS 5)
The Ensim Control Panel can now be installed on the RHEL5 and CentOS 5 operating systems.

Support for 64-bit architecture
With the latest version, 64-bit architecture is supported on the following operating systems— FC 6 (Fedora™ Core 6), CentOS 5.0 (Community Enterprise Operating System 5.0), CentOS 4.4, RHEL 5 (Red Hat® Enterprise Linux ES Release 5),
and RHEL 4.

WebDAV support
WebDAV (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning) is a set of extensions to the HTTP protocol, which allows users to collaboratively edit and manage files on remote Web servers. Ensim Pro for Linux now provides WebDAV or FrontPage Server Extensions to publish sites to the Ensim Pro server.

Ensim Pro for Windows

Support for 64-bit architecture
Ensim Pro for Windows now supports 64-bit architecture on the Windows 2003 64-bit OS. This helps ISPs push the performance limits of their existing web sites facing memory and IO bottlenecks, and .NET recycles on the Win32 platform.

Support for creating and managing skins
Service providers, resellers and site administrators can now add new skins, edit skin information, preview, change, and remove skins for Ensim Pro.

Support for new versions of Power Tools
Ensim Pro now supports the new versions of Community Server 2.1 and DotNetNuke 4.4.1.

The upgraded version will also be offered as part of Ensim’s successful Ensim Pro X for Windows Promotion, that has had over 5000 downloads since January. The program held in collaboration with Microsoft, offers Ensim Pro for Windows free to use through 2007. Details are at http://www.ensim.com/ProXwin/mspromo07/index.html.

“With the 10.3 release, Ensim Pro is able to serve a much wider audience of hosting service providers,” said Dilip Khandekar, director of products at Ensim. “Support for 64-bit architecture on Linux and Windows represents a significant improvement. We’re also delighted to offer the Windows version of the upgrade free for the remaining weeks of the promotional program.”

“We’re really pleased about the support for a 64-bit architecture on both the Windows and Linux operating systems,” said Mark Erskine, president and CEO of Host Depot. “Our 40,000 plus customers worldwide rely on us to provide secure, reliable and value-rich hosting services for their Web operations and Ensim Pro X provides us with many of the necessary tools to make that happen.”

Ensim Pro X, version 10.3 is available for purchase immediately. For more information, visit http://www.ensim.com/products/pro.

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