Ensim Announces Upgrades for Unify Active Directory Manager

Ensim Announces Upgrades for Unify Active Directory Manager

Ensim Unify Active Directory Manager Version 2.5 significantly reduces unplanned Active Directory downtime

Santa Clara, CA - May 28, 2008 - Ensim Corporation, the leading provider of user provisioning and access control software, today announced the immediate availability of Ensim Unify Active Directory Manager, Version 2.5, which will feature Ensim’s latest web-based Active Directory management tools.

Ensim Unify, which self-installs in less than one hour, allows enterprises to alleviate common challenges, such as provisioning, password management, role management, and auditing and compliance of Active Directory servers.

Active Directory (AD) is a complex application that is affected by a number of system administrators on a daily basis. With an increasing number of senior IT managers turning to Ensim Unify Active Directory Manager to protect, insulate and secure their AD environments, Unify’s AD Manager 2.5 features upgrades that virtually eliminate the unplanned downtime that frequently occurs through misconfiguration.


“It is Ensim’s goal to make AD unbreakable - that means with Unify 2.5, we intend that Active Directory will no longer be susceptible to downtime and misconfiguration as a result of human error,” said Scott Young, vice president of product marketing at Ensim Corporation. “Our customers come from a wide variety of organizations, from medium and large enterprises to educational institutions, and they have played a major role in helping us achieve this goal through the new features and enhancements offered in the latest version.”


Unify Active Directory Manager 2.5 incorporates the following major enhancements:


AD Management Safety & Efficiency

Fine Grain Role Delegation: Allows system administrator roles to be restricted by organizational unit (OU).

Simplified Policy-based Provisioning: Auto-setup feature simplifies using IT policy to define user templates. “Auto setup” now automatically configures end-users’ home folder, logon script and home drive.

Customizable Provisioning Policies: System administrators can customize the user account creation and provisioning process by automatically configuring approved user name and display name patterns, as well as specified AD attributes.

AD Security and Compliance

Change & Audit Logs: AD Manager already tracks the status of each change request made against AD. Version 2.5 also creates a complete log of all changes made to each individual object.

Enhanced Alert Notification Capabilities: System administrators can now customize the action reports, including usage statistics and end-user license alerts.

Product Scalability and Extensibility

Support for multiple domain controllers: System administrators can now leverage Unify's preferences to access multiple domain controllers.

Enhanced Web Services SDK: The usability and coverage of Unify Web Services has also been enhanced with this release. This allows medium and larger organizations to provide a much more seamless integration experience across their application infrastructure by allowing them to bring a broader variety of web-based and legacy applications under the Unify management umbrella.

Ensim Unify Enterprise Edition 2.5 is available immediately from the Ensim web site at http://get.ensim.com. For more information, visit http://www.ensim.com/ or call Ensim at 1-888-248-4003 (1-408-496-3700 from outside the U.S.).


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