Ensim Connect


Overview - Ensim Connect is a productivity portal for SharePoint that lets end users easily and efficiently create, edit, track, and manage SharePoint sites, projects, groups, members, and resources. Ensim Connect is fully integrated with chat and calendaring platforms and is designed for organizations that use SharePoint but require a more intuitive user interface that can incorporate business processes designed to simplify and enhance the standard SharePoint interface.

Ensim Connect offers SharePoint users an instant way to intuitively prioritize and track their work including sites and projects they are members of, workflows, deliverables they have committed to on various sites as well as their membership in different projects, groups, and teams. Ensim Connect delivers the business process orientation for SharePoint that many feel is critical to the successful introduction and use of collaboration technology.


Ensim Connect provides advanced collaboration capability for SharePoint end users and supports SharePoint 2010 foundation, standard, and enterprise .  Ensim Connect works with or without Ensim Automation Suite and can be installed on-premise for enterprises or in the datacenter for services providers.  By adding Ensim Automation Suite, enterprises and service providers can add the ability to efficiently provision and manage all of the resources associated with SharePoint server infrastructure and further leverage identity, policy, and privilege management from Active Directory.


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