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IT Management Optimization

Unified communications applications are often deployed in silos, requiring different teams to work on each environment. Ensim Automation Suite Enterprise ensures that each application can be provisioned through its centralized management interface, delivering tremendous improvements in the efficiency of deploying an integrated solution. Best of all, Ensim Automation Suite plays nice with others and does not force you to stop using any of the existing tools or scripts you may have created while it:


  • Streamlines infrastructure management tasks
  • Automatically assign resources based on pre-defined algorithms
  • Sets and track capacities for resources in the service infrastructure


Server and resource pool management
Ensim Automation Suite Enterprise sets and tracks capacities for each resource in the service infrastructure. Based on server management policies, corporations can logically group and manage servers in pools - based on hardware, geographical location, or any other business process.


Alerts and notifications
Administrators can elect to receive notifications and alerts of a server or mailbox reaching pre-defined thresholds via text messages or emails.


Ensim Automation Suite Enterprise synchronizes with Active Directory automatically or manually, allowing IT administrators to make changes outside of Ensim Automation Suite - using Command Line Interface or existing tools for example - without running the risk of out-of-sync data in disparate systems.


Track and enforce capacity management
Administrators can elect to receive reports on the status of the organization's infrastructure, ranging from number of mailboxes, storage allocated to resource utilization and more. Once a server reaches capacity, Ensim Automation Suite can automatically select the next available resource based on the administrator's choice.


Diagnostics, analytics and compliance
Ensim Automation Suite Enterprise tracks capacity utilization in the system and provides data for diagnostics and analytics, helping senior management better understand user needs, trends and usage metrics.


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