Ensim Automation Suite Enterprise - User Provisioning & Application Management


Updates and Enhancements to Automation Suite Enterprise

Ensim Automation Suite is a systems management software solution that optimizes IT infrastructure through centralized provisioning and management. Automation of these key tasks ensures enforcement of compliance and security policies throughout the organization while lowering IT overhead and improving efficiency. Focusing on key infrastructure applications such as Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, and Office Communication Server (Lync), as well as and mobility applications such as Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES), Ensim Automation Suite enables enterprises to gain a common framework and a set of processes that streamlines the management lifecycle of the collaboration infrastructure.

Introducing Ensim Automation Suite Audit Manager - the newest addition to the most advanced suite of tools for user provisioning and change managment available as a stand-alone audit and compliance solution that makes it simple to discover, analyze, and report any change made to the Active Directory. More


Ensim Automation Suite Enterprise version 2.8 includes the following new capabilities:

Active Directory Manager 2.8

Extensible Provisioning: The automated provisioning and de-provisioning workflows can now be extended to seamlessly integrate with other IT systems and enforce enterprise business processes. These extensions can be used to perform data validations, policy enforcement or approval workflows.

Granular Control of User Entitlements: The enhanced user template role definition allows administrators to standardize user account prvosioning process and at the same time have a very granular control on various user attributes and their entitlements. With this new definition, every user attribute, including custom schema updates, can be pre-configured and can be configured for multiple users in few clicks.

Enhanced Delegated Administration: Role based delegated administration has been further enhanced so that administrators can now offer multiple flavors of self-serve roles. Additionally, they can mix and match some administration capabilities with self serve actions without pre-defining a large number of role configurations.

Mobility Manager 2.8

Device Security Policies: Administrators can now secure mobile devices by administering organization-wide device security policies for individuals or a group of users. These security policies can be used to enforce security settings like password complexity, inactivity time, wipe/lock settings. This helps securing sensitive corporate data in the event the device is lost or stolen.

Password Manager 2.8

Enhanced GINA Extensions: Ensim Automation Suite now has the ability to allow employees to reset their passwords in multiple systems from a simple self-serve portal or Windows® log-in prompt using “Graphical Identification and Authentication” (GINA) extensions. This enables administrators to achieve their "one password for all systems" dream without investing a lot of time and money deploying complex identity synchronization solutions.

MS Exchange Manager 2.8

Automated Role-based Provisioning: Ensim Automation Suite’s Exchange Manager allows senior IT administrators to set policies that work hand-in-hand with ActiveDirectory to protect the integrity of your entire Exchange environment.  All Exchange management tasks are safely and securely performed in Automation Suite’s web-based console according to role-based permissions set by senior IT. You can meet your uptime guarantees, and senior IT can focus on strategic projects with the peace of mind that comes from knowing junior administrators cannot break Exchange. With version 2.8 Ensim has enhanced the functionality even more by adding:

Improved Group Management: Group management is one of the most important collaboration capabilities in Exchange. Ensim Automation Suite Enterprise Exchange Manager has completed an extensive update that will provide administrators and end users with more control and flexibility in managing groups in Exchange.  The key capabilities include: 

  • System administrators can pre-define naming conventions for groups. Ensim Automation Suite group provisioning will enforce these naming conventions and help adminstrators standardize usage of distribution groups within their enterprise.
  • Group provisioning & management can be extended to configure custom AD or extension attributes. These custom extensions can be used to trigger updates in 3rd party systems or simply manage email address for the group

SMTP Domain Management: Besides the email addresses on the primary SMTP domain, administrators can now create and manage multiple SMTP domains and assign corresponding email addresses to mail-enabled objects. The system will auto populate SMTP domains from existing recipient policies.