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Client & Device Management

As devices and rich client increase in complexity, there is an ever increasing demand for simplified configuration and management that allows end-users to self-configure these devices in an effective way. Normally an employee would need to visit the IT/Telecom department in order to perform service updates. In order to avoid these time consuming procedures and simplify processes, Ensim Automation Suite provides the following capabilities:


  • Merge management of VoIP phones, appliances and other IP device such as a Smartphone or BlackBerry into a single interface
  • Increase productivity and save time via self-serve activation
  • Realize cost savings with Over-The-Air (OTA) activation, configuration, management and de-provisioning of devices


Rich Client Configuration
Let employees configure their Outlook email profile client through a single click from their administration portal.


Over The Air (OTA) device configuration
The powerful `Over The Air' activation features of Ensim Automation Suite Enterprise make configuration of Windows Mobile and Blackberry devices a breeze. End-users can elect to configure their device via text-message, push-email or cable-sync.


Remote Management
Ensim Automation Suite Enterprise can be used for life-cycle management of remote clients and devices such as smartphones, VoIP phones or other IP devices.


Increased security
With Ensim Automation Suite, the content on a lost or stolen device can also easily be removed by "remote wipe" operations thereby protecting precious information assets of an organization.


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