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Delegated Administration

The mission critical nature of Unified Communication applications, lack of centralized management tools and wide spread usage across the enterprise results in costly support organizations. Help desk and high-level IT personnel are repeatedly diverted from strategic projects to perform mundane administrative tasks. Through a secure management center, Ensim Automation Suite Enterprise enables IT personnel to more efficiently manage their Active DirectoryExchange and mobile application servers by delegating their administration. Ensim Automation Suite provides these important benefits:


  • Reduce maintenance, support and training costs
  • Delegate basic tasks, such as configuring Outlook, mobile devices or password resets to end-users through self-service help-desk
  • Save time by eliminating IT support response lags and latencies
  • Focus IT on strategic initiatives instead of time-wasting manual processes


Role-based delegated administration

Administrators have the ability to delegate the management of simple or complex tasks to junior admin or end users directly, thereby dramatically reducing the number of help desk calls.

Secure administration access

By deploying Ensim Automation Suite and enforcing the management of complex applications via its web management center, IT ensures that a specific and secure process has to be followed in order to perform change at the application level, thereby reducing the potential for manual errors.

Granular role creation

Ensim Automation Suite Enterprise enables entrusting the provisioning and management of applications to junior IT members, department administrators, business managers or end-users through a user-friendly web interface. With Ensim Automation Suite, administrators can create as many roles as deemed necessary, each with different capabilities.

As most help desk calls today are based on basic tasks or functionality, administrators will cut their support costs by enabling end-users to self-manage via a user-friendly web interface. Ensim Automation Suite Allows end-users to perform basic tasks such as self-service password reset, rich client configuration, Over The Air (OTA) configuration of mobile devices and distribution list management among others. More

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