Information Walling

Compliance and Security Policy Enforcement - An Automated Solution

Compliance and Security Policy Enforcement An Automated Solution
Regulation is a fact of life for financial institutions. IT is impacted when those security and compliance policies, must be enforced throughout the organization’s application infrastructure. Ensim Automation Suite Enterprise incorporates a powerful policy-based enforcement engine that creates “information walls” designed to give organizations complete control over the core collaboration infrastructure including Active Directory (AD), Microsoft Exchange (including Distribution Lists), SharePoint, and Office Communications Server (Lync) as well as mobility applications.

Ensim Automation Suite uses advanced distribution list management technology to automatically build the “conflict of interest” classes and enforce email communication restrictions on every regulated users’ mailbox. Administrators can use their existing directory or corporate databases to define the criteria and rules for the conflict of interest classes and Ensim Automation Suite can enforce compliance policy by seamlessly restricting communication between those classes.


Enforcing compliance policy in SharePoint requires building information barriers in SharePoint. The problem is that SharePoint’s underlying architecture doesn’t inherently support enforcing these controls. As a result, administrators have no choice but to enforce separation at the web farm level. This brute force method adds unnecessary restrictions, expense, and administrative overhead. With Ensim Automation Suite administrators are not required to physically separate resources, but can use our security and access control modules to create cost effective solution to enforce compliance policy.



Compliance policy enforcement in Office Communication Server (Lync) requires administrators have the ability to auto-provision users based on business process rules for specific server pools. Ensim Automation Suite easily provides a seamless provisioning overlay that integrates quickly with existing provisioning policies. In addition, multiple provisioning workflows ensure that different access requirements for different employee groups (i.e. regulated and unregulated) are enforced consistently throughout the infrastructure.


Compliance Policy Enforcement - How it Works
Ensim Automation Suite allows organizations to implement security models to enforce their compliance policy-based information barriers. System administrators will no longer need to manually grant or revoke access to specific entities. Ensim Automation Suite automatically enforces policy by defining discrete conflict of interest classes through its policy engine. These conflict of interest class definitions are stored in our database. A proactive monitoring system is constantly monitoring these entities and then updating the access control permissions – automating the enforcement process.


Audit, Compliance, and Security Logs
Ensim Automation Suite provides a full audit log of all updates and changes. A comprehensive real time report of all updates within a specific time frame can also be created. All audit and compliance reports can be exported for further integration with an enterprise’s business systems.




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