Distribution List Manager

Self-Service Delegated Administration

Ensim Automation Suite Self-Service Manager allows IT administrators to easily delegate basic tasks to employees, without the need to contact helpdesk.
 These self service capabilities require no technical training and result in over 30% cost reduction in operations expense. The following management tasks are available to employees:


Universal password reset
Universal password reset
With 40% of IT time spent on basic maintenance tasks such as password changes, Ensim Automation Suite allows employees to easily set-up a password reminder and to update it at will from both the Ensim Automation Suite portal as well as the Windows log-on screen.


Self-configuration of email profile
Self-configuration of clients and devices

For each new employee or migration to an updated application, IT generally needs to go from desk to desk in order to configure a variety of clients, such as Outlook. Ensim Automation Suite provides a user-friendly self-configuration tools allowing employees to easily set-up their own client, and get started right away.


Device Management
Device management

In order to ensure maximum productivity gains as well as increased security, Ensim Automation Suite Enterprise comes bundled with comprehensive device management capabilities, allowing employees to easily self-configure their smart phone to the back-end messaging server. Administrators can keep track of devices and remotely kill or wipe a device that may have been lost or stolen in order to ensure the security of the data.


Distribution List Management
Distribution list management

Since managing distribution groups requires using native Exchange tools and hence system access, the responsibility for creating and managing distribution groups lies with the Exchange administrator. This is a manually intensive and error-prone tasks taking away a lot of skilled administrator time which otherwise could have been used for some strategic IT initiative.

With Ensim Automation Suite, each employee can easily create and manage their own “smart distribution list” – defined based on a directory attribute or a logical combination of several attributes.


Self-Service Made Safe

End-user self-service made safe and secure. Ensim's IT policy-based self-service allows delegation of appropriate tasks like password reset, provisioning new employees, and mail box rights delegation to junior admins, HR personal, and end-users as appropriate. Self-service improves productivity, saves IT time, and dramatically decreases calls to the help desk.



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