Service Provider Control Panel

Role-based Delegated Administration
Ensim Automation Suite comes with a pre-built control panel that allows hosted service providers to easily manage their infrastructure, from servers to end-users. Built on .NET, Ensim Automation Suite’s control panel is made of web-parts, allowing for easy modularization and customization.

Ensim Automation Suite provides a single, role-based self-management interface for reseller and company administrators, as well as service end-users. Users can access all the bulk resources or hosted services provisioned to them through a single interface. As new resources or services are added, they become accessible through the same interface. This allows service providers, resellers, and even company administrators to delegate all common service-management tasks to the retail customers and service end-users they manage.

With Ensim Automation Suite, every service provider, reseller, company administrator, and service end-user gets management functionality appropriate for his or her role.

The service provider and reseller administrative interfaces provide comprehensive resource management, provisioning, monitoring, metering, and other capabilities.

The company administrator interface provides capabilities for managing end-user set up and support. And the service end-user interface exposes capabilities appropriate for managing personal accounts and service settings. In addition, each interface can be branded to reflect the service provider’s, reseller’s, or company’s corporate identity.

Web services API
A set of APIs provides service providers and resellers with programmatic access to all platform capabilities. Leveraging these interfaces, service providers can use standard Web Services APIs to easily integrate Ensim Automation Suite with complex and heterogeneous IT infrastructures. Programmatic access allows them to fully automate end-to-end processes, such as flow-through provisioning, service billing, and others.

Because access to Ensim Automation Suite Web Services is fully authenticated and authorized, these programmatic interfaces can be safely extended to distributors over the Internet. Service providers can now deliver the operational efficiencies of programmatic interfaces to their distributors too. Delivered as plug-ins for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, these Web Services interfaces can be used with standard development tools.

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