Service Provider Platform

Ensim Automation Suite is the industry’s first widely deployed and proven service delivery platform that enables service providers to centrally create, control, and deliver hosted IP and application services.

Key Components

Key Components

Ensim Automation Suite CORE – Centralized Operations & Resource Management Engine

At the heart of the Ensim Automation Suite platform lies the Centralized Operations & Resource Management Engine. Applications integrated into Ensim Automation Suite gain instant access to the resources and capabilities of the Ensim Automation Suite CORE, including:

Authentication & authorization
Secure role-based access to all services and fine-grain control over applications and services.

Service provisioning
Unified provisioning of converged applications—as a single transaction—across multiple servers, network elements, and end-user devices.

Service monitoring
Comprehensive resource monitoring and server monitoring capabilities ensure the smooth operation and delivery of services.

Service metering
Robust service usage tracking makes it possible to capture physical and logical resource usage data across services, servers, and customers.

Wholesale enablement
Complete control for resellers—from virtual resource management to service configuration.

Delegated administration
Self-management portals that enable resellers and customers to control their service offering, resulting in increased satisfaction, low churn, and decreased cost of support.

Service configuration
The creation and management of parameters for individual components of each service manager, such as storage and access.

Resource management
Central registration, classification, viewing, and allocation of all service-related resources such as physical servers, bandwidth, and disk space as well as logical resources such as mailboxes, lines, seats, and sites.

Web Management Portals

Web Management Portals


Pre-packaged Web management portals, or user interfaces, allow service providers to easily manage their hosted offering. Management delegation is available at each level, providing customers and resellers with extensive control over the platform while lowering support costs. Ensim Automation Suite offers four fully internationalized Web management portals:


  • Service Provider Portal: Supersedes all roles and allows simple creation and management of resellers, organizations, and end users. Service providers have the ability to set up and manage resources as well as service pools.
  • Reseller Portal: Based on the resources made available by the wholesale service provider, resellers have the ability to virtually create and manage their own differentiated service offerings for their targeted customer base.
  • Organization Portal: Enables organization administrators or IT personnel to create and manage resources, change quotas, add and remove services, create distribution lists, manage users, and perform other administrative tasks.
  • End User Portal: Empowers end users to manage their own account information, passwords, and application-specific features 24x7, eliminating the need for costly customer service support for common tasks.


Rapid Service Creation Framework
The Rapid Service Creation Framework enables developers to transform any application into a hosted service by rapidly integrating the application into a Ensim Automation Suite service manager. Now service providers can leverage a single platform to gain the agility and speed required to roll out new services while simultaneously reducing their overall cost to deliver services.

Business System Integration Framework
The Ensim Automation Suite Business System Integration Framework includes a published Web Services programming interface for platform and service-manager-related operations. Tested for inter-operability with .NET and Java clients, it allows for rapid integration to storefront, CRM, billing, and other existing operations and business support systems (OSS/BSS), using a standard platform-independent interface.

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